Scott’s Philosophy

As technology evolves, the line between work and private life is blurred. Most people today are immersed in the world of technology for a majority of their waking hours. The problem? We’re spending less time with our families and less time talking to our friends.

After realizing one night that he and his wife were texting each other in bed instead of talking, Scott developed a program to help business owners better manage their technology and lifestyle. Here are a few words of wisdom from Scott to help you achieve work-life balance in today’s technology-driven world:

Technology should make us better, happier, and freer. Technology should make us more productive in less time. Technology should spare us from headaches, not cause them. Technology should connect us to each other in REAL ways. Technology was built to connect us at a distance, but it has disconnected us up close. It is time to disconnect from unnecessary tech, and reconnect with ourselves, our work, and our families.

Top 10 Ways to Disconnect

  1. Read your emails in the morning; AFTER you have finished your first major task (at home or at work) for the day.
  2. No cell phones during dinner!
  3. Book night -- everyone gathers in the living room for an evening of reading their favorite book. No TV allowed.
  4. Do something creative with your hands: paint, write a poem, build with blocks, or mold with playdough.
  5. Go camping without GPS or phone (except one in the glove box for emergencies).
  6. Check social media only once per day at the same time every day.
  7. Do a physical activity.
  8. Find a waterfall, river, ocean, or lake.
  9. Schedule your technology use, just like you schedule exercise or a meal. Make strict time limits. Treat tech like a tool (because that’s all it is).
  10. Build a fire. Nothing disconnects you from your troubles like staring into a fire (and you can make s’mores!).

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