How Students Can Protect Themselves From Identity Theft

How Students Can Protect Themselves From Identity Theft

Believe it or not, according to new reports the number one group at risk of identity theft is not the elderly, but college students.

You think because you’re a tech savvy student that you’re safe from hackers and identity thieves: think again.

As a member of the US Electronic Crimes Task Force, Scott knows the problem well.

CBS news’ interview with Scott Spiro on the dangers of identity theft for students revealed several of the biggest security holes to watch out for:

  1. Destroy all of your credit card offers. If you don’t use it, destroy it completely. This is one of the easiest ways to steal someone’s identity.
  2. Protect your Social Security number. Many colleges want students to identity themselves or log into systems with their social security number. Use a different form of identification if possible.
  3. Keep your phone and other electronic devices locked. Make sure all your devices lock automatically after a few minutes, or else you give criminals access to everything about you instantly.
  4. Never use a public computer (like in a library or classroom) to buy something with a credit card. Keep all monetary transactions secure.

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